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Sunday, 19 January 2014

The 2 minute tool that positively shapes your brand perception

Perception is 99% reality

Since waking up today, I bet you've judged strangers, chosen one brand over another, skimmed your favourite website and ignored at least one email. Why? We humans are a fussy bunch, each with our own opinions, built on our life experiences to date, or maybe just what side of the bed you got out of this morning.

We've made up our minds, don't confuse us with the facts

We rarely question why we buy one product over another or what makes us take the risk on something new.  Companies spend millions every day, building brands that make us feel something and trying to influence our spending decisions in their favour.  They know that customer perception can make or break their business, but it's easy for employees to forget they are the brand when they attend meetings, make presentations or populate that twitter feed.

Know the brand, be the brand

The 21 minute video above, adds science to the universal truth, that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. I must admit that I watched it with some scepticism at first, but having tried it myself and referred it to several friends, I'm now convinced that Amy Cuddy is onto something. In this video, Amy shows that our body language not only influences others, but can also affect how we see ourselves and that's the revelation.

Do you meet my needs?

As we make our daily choices, we often weigh up the pros and cons based on what we believe to be true.  So, next time you want to influence someones decision about your brand, consider how two minutes of posturing could change your outlook and therefore your success. 

Go on, nobody is looking ...