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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

H2H (Human to Human) communication

Anyone crazy enough to be reading this blog will know that I recently moved house. A month ago it was all Queens Jubilee hype in my metropolitan hub and now, with not a hint of bunting left, my new world is finally emerging. More space, less pace and sighs of relief all round.

The thing is, 21 days of being Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn free, has given me a new perspective on how much we rely on these tools to keep us informed, carry our news and generally stay in touch. We're so keen to define ourselves as B2C or B2B that we've forgotten the subtle art of H2H (human to human).

I'm rediscovering the joys of talking to people on the phone rather than texting them. Buying things in store rather than on line. For some this may seem like stepping back in time, but for my Generation X it's a revision course in communications. It's how marketing all began, how brands were originally built and how I suspect the world has always worked, for those wealthy enough to enjoy personal service.

It might even be time to start writing letters again ......