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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

What does success smell like?

Have you ever thought about the return you're getting from all the time you spend on line? It would be terrifying to calculate the weekly social media hours count, but now that it's an everyday distraction, we've almost stopped noticing how much time updating the world via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ etc takes.

As a small business, time is money, so while Olly and Molly (youtube above) may seem like another timewaster, I think the idea of a physical indication of how you're doing online is something that really resonates.

To measure your success (in sweets or smells or any other way - watch the video!), you need to know what your social media strategy is. Most obvious uses for social media are
  1. Visibility - you need people to have heard of you and know what you do. Brand building. 
  2. Find your fans - ideally you want to build a community of like minded people who share your passion for 'insert your company passion here' 
  3. Customer choice - you can find out what people like/don't like, measure content views etc. to turn interested parties into customers. 
  4. Show your brand is up to date - if you're not on the web, 90% of people won't trust you 
See, it's not time wasted after all.

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