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Friday, 22 February 2013

'Vine' God's video gift to small businesses

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Hands up who hasn't seen a rush of six second looping video's this week. Anyone? Where have you been?  I am of course referring to the new kid on the social block, Vine - a free mobile app by twitter for iphone and ipod touch.

Vine is a mini movie making machine and is simplicity itself to use. Put your finger on the screen to start recording and take your finger off the screen to stop.  In the time it takes to say 'small businesses of the world rejoice, instant video content is yours', six seconds of footage can be recorded. That may not sound like much, but six seconds of imagery can speak a thousand words.  Think of it as a rather fabulous animated gif.

UNICEF Mothers Day message - Vine in action

Like all new things, it remains to be seen what the world will make of Vine. Anyone with a twitter account might already be bored with the number of videos that have popped up, or even shocked that within a few days of launching, it had been sabotaged by an outbreak of porn. As ever, quality and content will be key for anyone keen to employ this latest technology. Those videos which inspire, entertain and/or inform will always find an audience.

The idea for this post came from [Gawr-Juhs] and they'd be happy to help make your movie making dreams a reality.

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