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Friday, 29 March 2013

8 Questions To Shape Your Marketing Mix

The marketing mix is the term used to cover all the tools and tactics you might employ to attract and retain customers.  The most obvious being direct mail, social media, events, website, collateral, PR and merchandising.

Everywhere you look marketers are talking about the importance of content and the marketing mix. I predominately work with SMEs and for them the marketing mix is generally more of a marketing 'one size fits all, fingers crossed' event.  If that sounds familiar, read on .....

Before you rush into anything, make sure that you know the answers to the following

1. Who is your target audience?
2. Have they already heard of your brand?
3. Do they know what you do?
4. What are your audience looking for/trying to achieve/hoping to solve etc?
5. Why do they need your product/services?
6. What alternatives are available to them?
7. Where do they currently look for product/service info?
8. Do you deliver on your marketing promises - are you as good as you claim?

Knowing the answers to these questions, means you're likely to produce content which delivers value and helps generate business.  You'll also be better placed to decide which channels to use, when taking your messages to market and therefore more likely to achieve a marketing mix.

If this all sounds easier said than done, I'd be delighted to help ; ).

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