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Friday, 28 March 2014

How human is your organisation?

Nowadays we expect organisations to act like people.  The faceless corporation is long gone and even the dullest product line now needs to ‘meaningfully engage’ with it's public. Oh the pressure.

So how human is your company?

If your brand were a person, would you be attracted to it?

If a customer could only see your logo, would they recognise who you are and what you do?

With the global adoption of social media and the recognition that people buy from people, successful companies are working hard to show their personalities, build emotion and convey the most appealing, human traits.  For example ...

Virgin Atlantic 'little red'

Ace hotel, London


Understanding the lifestyle of your audience is key, as you consider the humanity of your business. Remember your aim is to appeal to your target customer, which is different from trying to please everyone. Think about what emotions you're trying to convey and how they fit with your ideal customers view of the world.

Does your company have a virtual smiley face?  Make it easy for customers to choose your brand over the alternatives available and be memorable for all the right reasons and the customers will follow.

Care to share your favourite brand and why?

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